Authorities Amsterdam to ban marijuana smoking in the red light district

The innovation will come into force in May. Its main goal is called the desire to “reduce the inconvenience” to the residents of the area. February 15, 2023 0 2 min

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Amsterdam is world famous for its cannabis cafes, which are visited by millions of tourists. But Amsterdam residents themselves constantly complain that tourists treat the area “as an amusement park, not a residential area”, create a lot of noise and waste and make it “uncomfortable to live in”. Therefore, many local deputies supported the measures. The authorities hope that this will improve the living conditions of people in the area.

In addition, other restrictions are planned: for example, the city council of Amsterdam announced that restaurants and bars will have to close until two in the morning on Friday and Saturday, and after the first one, new visitors will not be allowed into the old part of the city. Sex workers are also required to close their establishments at 3am.

Now in the red light district, only the sale of alcohol in shops, liquor stores and cafes is illegal from Thursday to Sunday after 4:00 pm. Now the city council will ask sellers to completely remove alcohol from windows.

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