This must see: there will be more street art in Thailand

Thailand has prepared new entertainment for tourists, and this time we are talking about street art in Phuket. There will be more street art. The mayor of the island is confident that tourists will like the bright novelties. Fans of this type of contemporary art will be interested in Pattaya and, of course, in Bangkok.

The heyday of street art in Phuket began in 2016. It was then that on the walls of houses in the Old Town of Phuket (Phuket Town) began to appear the work of a variety of street art artists. Every year the number of drawings increased. The already colorful Phuket Town became more and more unique and dynamic.


Through street art, Phuket authorities want to attract more tourists to the island. Therefore, new paintings appeared in the Old City this year. On one, the artists depicted a Chinese-style dragon, and on the other, a sea turtle.

Phuket Mayor Saroy Angkanapilart said the street art is attracting tourists to the Old Town as it makes traveling through the island's historic district even more fun.

This is a must see: there will be more street art in Thailand

Streets of Phuket Town decorate the works of street art artists. Photo: ATOR

In the future, according to Saroya Angkanapilart, there will be even more street art in Phuket. Tourists will be able to see street art on the walls of many houses around the island. The Mayor is confident that street art will attract even more tourists to Phuket.

Speaking in general about contemporary art, including street art in Phuket, Saroy Angkanapilart noted that it is actively developing. Last November, several Thai art artists sold their work at an exhibition in Phuket, with the proceeds going to help underprivileged children.

The island hosts several artistic and cultural events, such as the Phuket Old Town Festival, which features music, dance and art performances.

This is a must see: there will be more street art in Thailand

Street art on the walls of a cafe in Phuket's Old Town. Photo: ATOR

Also in the Old Town there are art galleries of various styles, all kinds of creative workshops, including a clay workshop, where tourists can buy creative products of local masters


In the Old Town of Phuket, you can see, for example, the work of a famous artist from Bangkok. His name is Bon, aka Mue Bon. You will find his painting on the wall of the house, which is located opposite the Soi Pradik lane.

It depicts a huge bird carried by a sea turtle along the waves. This painting tells of a time when turtles came to Phuket in large numbers to lay their eggs in the sand.

This is a must see: there will be more street art in Thailand

A painting by a famous artist from Bangkok. Photo: ATOR

Not far from this house is the Chinese Temple of Tranquil Light. On its walls you will see scenes of ceremonies in a Chinese temple, as well as a dragon and a tiger.

This is a must see: there will be more street art in Thailand

On the way to the Chinese Temple of Tranquil Light. Photo: ATOR

And at the intersection of Yaowarat and Dibuk Road, there are stunning paintings dedicated to King Rama IX. The king was very fond of taking pictures, therefore he is depicted in the picture with a camera. Rama IX was rendered by a group of Phuket artists from 4Studio.

This is a must see: there will be more street art in Thailand

An image dedicated to King Rama IX. Photo: ATOR

On the streets of the Old Town there are many images of animals, scenes from the life of people who once lived on the island.

This is a must see: there will be more street art in Thailand

Image of King Rama IX by Thai artists Photo: ATOR

You can always meet tourists with cameras next to works of art. The works of street art artists really look great in the frame.

This is a must see: there will be more street art in Thailand

Street art in Phuket Town. Photo: ATOR

About what Phuket locations, in addition to the Old Town, you can visit and how much it costs, read here.


There is not much street art in Pattaya, but it is there. Beautiful paintings adorn suitable surfaces throughout the various streets of the resort. Among the latest bright artistic novelties is the sidewalk on Walking Street. The pedestrian street in the epicenter of Pattaya's nightlife is no longer gray, but elegant. Under the feet of tourists walking along the street, painted marine life floats.

Contemporary art lovers in Pattaya can be found on Art street, which is located near the Central Pattaya shopping center.

Artistic street is small but interesting. People come there to buy or order paintings, buy handmade souvenirs, get a tattoo from a professional master.

This is a must see: there will be more street art in Thailand

Wonderfruit Festival Photo: festival official website

Creative Pattaya is also represented by the annual Wonderfruit Arts Festival. In December 2022, after three years of absence, the festival again welcomed guests who love music, yoga, dance, theater, culinary arts and just warm communication. The festival takes place in the oldest golf club in Pattaya, Siam Country Club.


For those who love street art, Bangkok will be a real find. The Thai capital with its informal creative atmosphere has long attracted street artists from all over the world.

There are many murals in the city by local artists, including the famous Patcharapon Tangryn (Alex Face). The latter's work can be seen, for example, on Charoen KrungSoi 32 or at the IbisSiam hotel in central Bangkok.

When looking for street art in Bangkok, you should definitely visit Chinatown, located opposite China Town, on the opposite side of the Chao Phraya River. Perhaps the best examples of street art in Thailand are presented there.

Lhong 1919 art quarter is also of interest in this place. They sell antiques and art objects, there are modern galleries, shops, restaurants and a beautiful street art.

This is a must see: there will be more street art in Thailand

Alex Face's work on the streets of Bangkok. Photo:

In fact, many of the streets of Bangkok can be found drawings. So, if you wish, any walk around the city can bring you a meeting with interesting street art.

In Bangkok, there are exhibitions of famous street artists. In December 2022, one could see an exhibition of works by the legendary British street artist Banksy and Thai street artist Alex Face.

It is worth noting that other provinces also use street art as one of the ways to attract tourists Thailand. So, in 2019, commissioned by TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand), Alex Face decorated the walls of houses in the city of Phang Nga, the capital of the province of the same name.

You can get acquainted with street art on Koh Samui, and in Chiang Rai and other provinces .

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Photo: ATOR, Wonderfruit Festival website,

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