Tour operators now sell tours to Lebanon

The tour operator “Intourist” has opened sales of tours to Lebanon. From March, package sightseeing and city tours are available for booking on regular connecting flights with departures from Moscow and St. Petersburg, accommodation in Beirut hotels and a set of excursions that tourists can choose on their own.

Tourists can also choose a comprehensive ground handling in Lebanon without a flight, which includes accommodation in Beirut, daily excursion service with a professional Russian-speaking guide, entrance tickets to the facilities.

Tour operators offer tours to Lebanon for sale

Snowy peaks of the Lebanese mountains. Photo by ATOR

Several more tour operators are looking at Lebanon and are considering the possibility of including this destination in their portfolio.

“We are studying the proposals that came from Lebanese partners. We will look at prices, the availability of convenient flights, and, perhaps, make a decision in favor of this direction, ”said the Space Travel tour operator company.

As experts explain, Lebanon is underestimated in the Russian market, since both the tourist retail and the tourists themselves are poorly aware of the tourism opportunities in this direction. With this in mind, serious support is needed from the Lebanese tourism authorities: with the active promotion of the destination, interest in it will certainly increase.


Tourism market experts note that Lebanon, as a tourist destination, is interesting for several reasons. Firstly, it is a variety of recreational opportunities: sightseeing, beach, gastronomic, pilgrimage and even skiing. Secondly, there are no difficulties with entry: for citizens of the Russian Federation, a single-entry 30-day visa to Lebanon is issued at the airport upon arrival ($17).

All covid restrictions have been lifted in Lebanon.

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On the street in Beirut. Photo by ATOR

“In Lebanon, you can perfectly combine excursions with a beach holiday. There are more than a hundred significant attractions in Lebanon, ranging from natural (lakes, waterfalls, caves) to various historical and architectural monuments. Here is one of the oldest cities on the planet – Byblos, the biblical Sidon and Tire, the largest temple complex of the ancient world Baalbek, the castles of the Crusaders,” Intourist said.

Tour operators offer tours to Lebanon for sale

Boat trip to the “Pigeon Rocks” – one of the main attractions of Beirut. Photo by ATOR

The country has the most loyal attitude towards Europeans, and especially towards Russians, shopping is well developed and there are entertainments familiar to young people, for example, discos. At affordable prices, you can buy products of local designers, including silk, jewelry, sweets, wines, olive oil and soap, chased copper products of local craftsmen – tea and coffee sets, trays, cedar products.

Tour operators now sell tours to Lebanon

A park near the Jeita Grotto caves, which are called the 8th wonder of the world. Lebanon. Photo by ATOR

If you wish, you can swim in Beirut and its suburbs: the capital of Lebanon is located on the Mediterranean coast. There is good sand here, small and medium pebbles are less common, and, which is rare for equipped beaches, platforms and rocky formations.

“Hotel beach clubs most often provide a full range of infrastructure, although urban public beaches are safe and there is an opportunity for a good rest. Even if you live in city hotels in Beirut, you can drive, and sometimes even walk, to the nearest bathing place in the sea,” Intourist emphasizes.

Tour operators offer tours to Lebanon for sale

On the embankment in Beirut. Photo by ATOR

Of course, in Lebanon, as in any other country, there are certain norms of social behavior. But among other Middle Eastern countries, Lebanon is the most liberal in terms of dress code. Although travel industry experts still suggest that women refuse to walk in short shorts. Nudism and appearance on the beaches topless are excluded.


Intourist offers a classic excursion program to Lebanon for 5 or 7 nights, as well as the possibility of booking hotels in Beirut. The choice is large – from 3 * budget hotels to 5 * hotels of international brands, for example, Crown Plaza, Kempinski, Movenpick.

Classic Lebanon tour (7 nights) includes a sightseeing tour of Beirut, a visit to Jeit Grotto , one of the most beautiful caves in the world, Mount Harissa, which is famous for its large statue of the Virgin Mary, the open-air museum Deir al-Qamar and the Bait ed-Din Palace, the ancient cities of Byblos, Saida and Baalbek of the Kadisha valley. The cost of such a rich excursion program with a departure in early March is from 227 thousand rubles. for two.

The Classic Lebanon Express tour (5 nights) also includes a tour of the main top places. The cost of a package tour with air travel is from 200 thousand rubles. for two.

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