&euro ;500 for Ukrainians in Austria: how to get a climate bonus?

Did you know that everyone living in Austria for more than 6 months (from 183 days) can receive a special climate bonus (Klimabonus) in the amount of €500? It is issued regardless of age and citizenship. 01 March 2023 0 2 min

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Money for the payout comes from revenues from the CO2 emissions charge introduced in October 2022.

The climate bonus has already been paid to most of the people who lived in Austria from August to October 2022. But in February 2023, another wave of payments is envisaged.

How to get a climate bonus?

If the courier is not at home at the time of the call, Klimabonus will be delivered to the nearest post office and the recipient will be informed. The bonus can also be transferred directly to the account. Vouchers can be used anywhere from the supermarket and shop or exchanged for cash at a partner bank.

Bonus amount

Amount for adults – 500 euros, under 18 years old – 250 euros. From 2023, the size of the bonus will depend on the region.

Those who regularly receive money from the state will receive the Climabonus payment automatically. To do this, you must have a saved account on the FinanzOnline website.

There is another option to receive the payment – by mail in an RSa letter. Such a letter can only be delivered to the recipient or his authorized representative.

According to rbc.ua.

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