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CNN reports that using digital mapping technology, geographers have found that the number of islands in Japan is actually double the previously recognized number. 07 March 2023 0 2 min

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In the first study of its kind in 35 years, Japan's Geospatial Information Authority counted 14,125 islands – 7,273 more than previously thought.

Data from such studies were last published back in 1987 by the Coast Guard. Paper maps were used to count the islands. Islands were defined as land masses with a circumference greater than 100 meters, resulting in 6852 islands being found.

In the new study, the scientists used the same size criterion, but counted the islands using digitized maps and compared the information with past aerial photographs and other data to rule out artificially reclaimed land.

Also, scientists from the GSI said that the discovery of new islands did not change the total area of ​​land that Japan owns.

Some of the 47 prefectures in Japan consist of a huge number of islands. The northern prefecture of Hokkaido – one of the four main islands along with Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu – has 1473, according to a new study, while Nagasaki in the southwest has 1479.

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