The model for obtaining additional services by subscription, which is widespread in digital services and banking, first appeared in domestic tourism. Vodokhod launched the first service in the history of the cruise market in Russia, which allows you to travel along rivers and receive privileges not only for cruises, but also for other services under special conditions from program partners. We figured out what was what.


The program will be most beneficial for regular guests on river boats. One of the biggest benefits of the Vodokhod.Pro subscription, which Vodokhod launched this season, will be premium discounts on the company's tourism products.

New customers immediately after activating the subscription will receive a 3% discount on all cruises , and after the first round of any duration, it will automatically increase to 8%. The number of tours at a discount within the framework of the subscription program is not limited.

By subscribing, tourists also get access to closed sales of cruises and tours from the Vodokhod company, where discounts reach up to 30%. And in the absence of free cabins for the desired flights, the owners of the subscription will always be in priority on the “Waiting List”, the first to receive the necessary information and, accordingly, will have time to make a purchase before others.

For those who are already a client company and is registered in the Vodohod.Bonus loyalty program, special conditions are also provided. When subscribing, the current regular customer discount, which varies from 5 to 6% for different customers, is automatically increased to 8%.

At the same time, the Vodokhod.Pro subscription discount can be combined with other company discounts, such as early booking, promotional codes, etc. True, there are exceptions – a group discount, discounts for certain categories of citizens, etc., so you need to find out these points in advance.

Moreover, the participants of the Vodokhod.Bonus program, thanks to the subscription, will receive more bonus points – 3.5% of the tour fares and increased accrual of bonus points for promotional tours (under the terms of each specific promotion) – up to 10%. Also, during the subscription period, customers are protected from points burning and status reduction.

Using a subscription, you can buy cruises for the whole family more profitably. Photo: “Vodokhod”


In addition to cruise discounts, there are other pleasant surprises for members of the Vodokhod.Pro subscription program.

For example, the Cabin Upgrade service is provided with a 10% discount, subject to the availability of free cabins on the ship. It is necessary to issue services before the start of registration for the cruise (tour).

The subscriber is also entitled to 1 (one) complementary service “Cabin upgrade by 1 level”. To receive it, you must book, pay for and take tours with at least 8 (eight) passengers during the entire subscription period.

The program also provides bonuses on board:

  • 20% for the entire range of the bar and the Room Service service;
  • 10% discount for Vodokhod branded souvenirs and sports equipment rental;
  • 7% for additional excursion service during the tour, with the exception of excursion services according to an individual program.

Travellers will also be in plus

It is important to note that the benefits of the Vodokhod.Pro subscription extend not only to the person who issued it directly to themselves, but also to the friends and relatives of the client.

However, there is one condition – that fellow travelers can use all preferences and discounts “Vodohod.Pro” operating on board the ship, the owner of the subscription must be among the travelers.


Anyone can apply for the Vodokhod.Pro program. To do this, it is enough to register a personal account on the company's website and pay for the subscription.

The cost of a subscription for 1 year is 4999 rubles. (in fact, this is the cost of one day on a cruise for 1 person). It is possible to take advantage of the special conditions that apply as part of the subscription only when booking and registering tours on the website or at the offices of the Vodokhod company.

In addition to personal offers from Vodokhod, customers with a premium subscription to Vodokhod.Pro will be provided with special conditions from service partners.

Thus, when subscribing, you can get a Gold level in the Russian Railways Bonus loyalty program with the ability to accumulate points for rail trips, upgrade the trip class up to NE, etc. Another program partner, AlfaStrakhovanie, also provides its bonuses and discounts.

More detailed conditions and benefits of the Vodokhod.Pro premium subscription can be found here.

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