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According to the official information of the competent authority of the Republic of Poland, starting from 27.03.2023, preliminary simplified conditions for the non-commercial movement of pets (dogs , cats, ferrets) from the territory of Ukraine to the Republic of Poland. March 14, 2023 0 2 min

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Now the conditions of movement will comply with the general criteria of European Union legislation, taking into account the specifics defined by Regulation (EU) No 576/2013, among which:

  • the animal must be identified using a microchip (transponder) or legible tattoo applied before 07/03/2011;
  • the animal must have a real rabies vaccination;
  • an ongoing serological test to determine the titer of antibodies to rabies must be carried out ;
  • The animal must have an agreed form of an Animal Health Certificate for non-commercial movement in EU Member States.

Temporarily until a separate cancellation, if there is a relevant test result, no period will be required wait three months from the date of blood sampling for rabies serological testing until the date of non-commercial transfer.

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We also recall that Hungary has extended the validity of a residence permit under the conditions of temporary protection for another year. The validity period of the card has been automatically renewed and there is no need to change it to a new one.

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