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Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic are expiring their temporary protection. In this article we will tell you how to renew a document without a passport and with its presence. March 18, 2023 0 2 min

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The internal protection issued by Ukrainians in 2022 is valid until March 31, 2023. In December, the Czech Republic extended the period of stay for Ukrainians until 2024. But the process will not occur automatically, but subject to the re-registration of documents.

How can Ukrainian refugees stay in the Czech Republic?

Complete online registration for a visit to the offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Registration lasts until March 31, 2023. A link to online registration will appear on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. The form must indicate the address of official residence in the Czech Republic, as well as passport and personal data. The passport number must correspond to the number of the document, which is indicated in the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic. The process is free.

Where can Ukrainians in the Czech Republic get a passport?

Refugees from Ukraine can apply for a foreign passport at the Consulates of Ukraine. Now there are many people who want to get a document, so the process can take a long time. Sometimes the process of making a passport can take longer than the extension of temporary protection.

Czech laws oblige foreigners to report any changes in personal data. That is why, when obtaining a passport, you need to report this to the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs. To do this, contact the Migration Policy Department (MPD) at the place of residence. If you did not have time to do this, then when filling out the online form, indicate that you do not have a passport.

It is necessary to change the address of residence or obtain a passport at least a week before registration for the extension of temporary protection. Such a time period is necessary so that the changes are synchronized with the country's registries.

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