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Over 4 million people have already received temporary protection in the EU countries. The directive has had a positive impact on countries, making it possible to quickly legalize so many people, so it continues in 2023. March 17, 2023 0 1 min

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Some countries last year gave temporary protection for 2 years at once, some continue it until March 4, 2024 automatically.

Countries in which, in order to renew the certificate of temporary protection, it is necessary to make an appointment with the relevant institution and resubmit documents:

  • Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Iceland, Sweden, Bulgaria and Malta.

Countries where temporary protection is automatically extended:

  • Austria, Belgium , Slovakia, Norway, Finland, Hungary, Latvia (only for traveling abroad it is necessary to restore the view), Switzerland.

Besides Europe, protection programs for Ukrainians were continued in other countries. USA, New Zealand and Georgia have extended the term of protection for Ukrainians until March 2024.

According to zakordon.24tv.ua.

We also recall that the United for Ukraine program, through which Ukrainians entered the territory of America, has been extended for a year.

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